Plum Salon & Spa

Singing along with Steph

Blog Steph I suppose if you were to say 'I am the creative type' that would be putting it mildly. I’ve always been knee deep in the pool known as the arts. I was a voracious reader as a kid and still am today. When I was ten I had ambitions to move to California and become an animator for the Disney studios and spent hours drawing princesses and Mickey Mouse. When I was fourteen and in eighth grade, we read The Hound of the Baskervilles and I declared to my English teacher that I was going to write a follow up to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s 1902 mystery. In high school and middle school I participated in select chorus and my junior year musical. I’ve played piano since I was seven and guitar since I was sixteen. I originally went to college to become an art teacher; however I came out with a minor in studio art and a bachelor’s degree in elementary ed. I then discovered teaching was not for me and decided to attend cosmetology school where I found my true calling. I’m so very happy to say I’m able to “paint” and “sketch” all day long…just in this case it’s three dimensional and I leave someone feeling good about themselves. All in a day’s work and I love it – every minute of it.

So, this probably leads you to wonder, who is this strange girl; this strange-artsy-fartsy-slightly-musically-inclined-hairstylist-that-reads-too-many-books? I’m Steph and I’d like to say that it is exactly that crazy path described above that got me here writing blogs for PRiMA.

I work in Lancaster at Plum Salon and Spa (you should come visit…I appear on an [almost] daily basis – I’m highly entertaining and I do some damn good hair too) as a Jedi Master of the Coif (or, you can go by the more basic description - a color and style artist according to the description on my business card). The owners of Plum are dear friends of PRiMA’s founders, Mitch & Diana Nugent. Shortly after the salon opened, I was lucky enough to have the very lovely and charismatic Diana as my client. I adored her from the start and she was gracious enough to allow me to cut of A LOT of her hair and told me about a theatre company she and her husband had started. I have to say I’m all for 'do-it-yourself' so I was intrigued. The appointment time went too quickly and before I knew it time was up and Diana (with a killer bob and highlights) had to leave.

Several weeks later I had another Nugent in my chair; this time the very enigmatic (albeit slightly anxious looking) Mitch. It was the eve (ok, Saturday morning) before Chess in Concert was to premiere. Not knowing much about the musical we chatted about it the entire haircut - the themes, music, origins. Now I was completely curious.

I caught Chess the final Sunday night of its run and wish I would have been able to see it more than once. Everything about the production was completely amazing – vocals, dancing, talent. It is a rare thing to catch a performance that has you so captivated the entire time you forget where you are and Chess totally did that for me. It was unlike anything else I had seen or experienced in the entertainment world before – just fresh, pared down theater with some really rad people starring and producing it. I was transfixed, hooked and baffled how I didn’t know something like this existed before in Lancaster! Needless to say I’ve been in the crowd ever since.

The best description I can liken seeing a PRiMA production to is going to see your favorite band in concert. The anticipation to the actual date is incredible, you arrive eager to hear what they will open with, if you’ll hear your favorite song and everybody else in the entire club (theater, stadium) wonders the same thing then the show starts and the fun begins.

There is a quote from one of my favorite
bands that goes as follows:
“I’m driving listening to my radio, checking out the airwaves for something to believe in. Give me something to hold true, give me something to sing about. Give me a reason to care, and I’ll sing along forever.”

There is something unique about PRiMA productions and their audience. Everyone there wants to have fun and enjoy the experience. The performances are true, modern and relevant which is why I’ll always be back for more.

Singing along forever,